Approaching beauty from a different angle: Articka vegan body wash review

Articka vegan

Self-proclaimed Indie brand Articka are a relatively small, young company, founded in 2017 by two person team Claire and Jason whom have both been diagnosed with life changing conditions. Their aim is to create gender neutral, all-inclusive products which are effective for a range of skin and hair types and which are as sustainable as possible with minimal environmental impact. With such strong values at their core, they are an inspiring, forward thinking UK brand with a fab range of 100% vegan and cruelty free products made with recyclable PET packaging sourced from the UK. Although Articka’s products aren’t 100% natural or organic and do contain SLS, they do not contain any parabens, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic colours or animal derived ingredients.  


Articka generously gifted me some vegan beauty products to try, a full sized Body Wash and couple of cutie pie samples too. While, I have to admit I wasn’t blown away by the products, I did enjoy the clean, contemporary style of the products and the fresh, unusual scents. Articka pride themselves on being all-inclusive and gender neutral and I felt this was demonstrated clearly in their products. All three fragrances crossed the boundary of stereotypical male and female scents and plonked themselves somewhere in between, offering a beautiful mix of earthy and natural aromas which would be perfect for any bathroom, whether it be a family, couple or individual. The body wash I was given contained the delicate blend of Sweet Orange, Glycerin and Geranium, a lightly floral yet by no means typically feminine fragrance. It was definitely a quirky and acquired taste and it’s not what I would usually opt for. If I’m brutally honest I probably wouldn’t choose it again either; I much preferred the fresh, woody, earthy natural scent of the Lime rind, Mandarin and petit Grain Body Wash, it was like taking a stroll through peaceful woodland. Sigh.

Articka Sweet Orange, Glycerin and Geranium Leaf

Articka claim that the Glycerin deeply hydrates and absorbs moisture – preventing over drying, and the Sweet Orange is also known for its softening properties. Personally I didn’t notice any difference in the texture of my skin either way, but dry skin is not something I have been burdened with. I enjoyed using the body washes though, they’re clean, simple and easy to use and do the trick, lathering gently and cleansing skin effectively without any irritation. Mine lasted me three months in total.

Articka Quirky but quality

I gave the Juniper Berry, Spearmint Leaf and Lupine Seed Shampoo sample a thumbs up too, it had an invigorating aroma of pine trees and albus oil although sadly it didn’t last as long as I would have liked, and neither did the aroma. I only got about three washes out of it and so I felt like I couldn’t give it a proper trial. It didn’t lather as well as a standard shampoo (it was quite gentle and soft) but my hair was clean and combed well without any of my usual issues with itchy scalp. Once again, the product was clean, simple and effective.

Articka logo

It’s so refreshing to find these independent, artisan, vegan brands such as Articka who approach beauty products from a different angle. The Articka story and their all-inclusive, non-discriminatory message is inspiring and ever important in today’s world. I was slightly frustrated that you cannot determine which products are recommended for which skin/hair types on their website without clicking into each product detail page, and I would like to see more organic ingredients. However, so far I think that the brand hold their own against a sea of beauty brands thanks to their unique aromas and their all-inclusive formulas.  

 You can find out more about Articka on our Beauty-not-cruelty Vegan Beauty Brand Directory.

Disclaimer:  These products have been sent to me to test and review by the brand. I have received no monetary benefit for this review. The review is 100% honest and reflects my experience. Product and brand information is correct at the time of publishing but please check the product website before purchasing.