A true vegan skincare hero: Botanicals' vegan Gentle Cleanse Melt product review.

Botanicals Gentle Cleansing Melt

In the past few months I have become more aware and conscious of the damaging effects that the beauty industry and its products, ingredients, packaging and production is having on our environment. Although veganism is still extremely important to me, it has become pressingly evident that we also need to support brands who use natural and organic ingredients, who create little environment impact and have sustainability at their heart. You can read more about this on my article ‘9 significant steps to better beauty’.


Botanicals are a real gem who tick all of these boxes for me. Born in England, they create and blend all of their products by hand using natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainably sourced ingredients with minimal and recycled or recyclable packaging. Oh, and did I mention that they’re vegan friendly too? Their vegan beauty products are all certified by the Soil Association: Organic – the go to certification for organic beauty in the UK.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Chamomile & Mandarin Cleansing Melt from Botanicals, which is suitable for normal/combination skin and is made with 87% Organic ingredients.[1] The product surpassed all of my expectations and I have well and truly fallen in love with it.

Botanicals Gentle Cleanse Melt

The melt is designed to cleanse skin, dissolve makeup and impurities whilst balancing your skin’s natural oils, to work holistically alongside it. It worked an absolute treat and cleansed my skin effectively and quickly every time, I barely ever found any leftover dirt on my cleansing pads (damn right they’re washable) afterwards which shows that it really lifts away the days grime and stubborn eye makeup. It has a thick, oily consistency unlike anything I have used before, (Botanicals call it a ‘semi-solid consistency’) but it’s not heavy or slimy as it melts gently upon contact with the skin. I was a little concerned that the oiliness would cause my skin to break out, but my skin loved it and I had no adverse reactions at all. Hoo Rah.


The pampering balm is concentrated which means it contains zero H2O. Therefore, you got it, the product lasts longer and also reduces both Botanicals’ and my water usage at the same time.  The overriding fragrance is calming and soothing lavender, which feels fantastically relaxing as you gently massage it onto your face.  If you choose to use a hot cloth to remove the melt it feels like a full on facial and a real luxurious treat for the skin. This method also helps to open the pores and therefore improve the performance of the balm, allowing more stubborn impurities to be released and wiped away. A true vegan skincare hero.

Botanicals Gentle Cleanse melt

I don’t have any faults with the melt whatsoever, and I can’t recommend it enough. The Botanicals’ balm is affordable, effective and long lasting (my 30g pot lasted over three months!) and I would 100% buy it again. Botanicals are doing great things and I am encouraged that small brands like this are making choices to stick to better ingredients, practices and production.  Please support them and brands like Botanicals as, in the words of The Soil Association One small swap can make a world of difference’.[2]  

 [1] They also offer a Rose & Camelia Melt which is suitable for mature and/or dry skin.

[2] https://www.soilassociation.org/organic-living/beauty-wellbeing/organic-beauty-wellbeing-week/

You can find out more about Botanicals on our Beauty-not-cruelty Vegan Beauty Brand Directory.

It’s Organic September and this week the Soil Association are hosting the Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week. This year their tagline is #onesmallswap to encourage us to make little changes to our lifestyles to battle climate change and biodiversity loss. Check out their website for more details.

Disclaimer:  These products have been sent to me to test and review by the brand. I have received no monetary benefit for this review. The review is 100% honest and reflects my experience. Product and brand information is correct at the time of publishing but please check the product website before purchasing.