Five tips to begin your Beauty-not-cruelty transition

Empty bottles


Use up your current products

There's no need to waste them, plus it will be cheaper to spread out buying replacements as and when you need them rather than all in one go. 

Think about what it is that you enjoy / don't like about your products as this will help you to find suitable replacements. 

If you love the products from a non vegan brand, write to them! Describe your disappointment and encourage them to develop and convert to vegan ingredients. 



Do your research

Use our handy guides to help narrow down the kinds of brand you would like to invest in and the products you would like to use. Check out our instagram also for some inspo.

It's easy to just go to your local department store or pharmacy but without doing the leg work it will be tricky to find vegan products and avoid wasting time scouring ingredients labels, unless they have a vegan logo of course!  

PETA Cruelty free and vegan
Vegan Society.png

You can be confident that a product is vegan if it displays one of these logos. It will have been checked and approved by either PETA or The Vegan Society.

The Leaping Bunny logo from Cruelty Free International will signify that no animal testing has taken place, but this does not necessarily mean that a product is vegan friendly. PETA also have a cruelty free only logo so keep your eyes peeled!




Be aware of which ingredients to avoid

The big guys don't want us to know what's really in their product ingredients so often they are masked by fancy names which sound innocent enough. You can see more info on our 'Say no to Nasties' page but be warned - it's not pretty. 

The main ones to watch are listed below, but even some of these can have plant based or synthetic alternatives so it is difficult to know whether a product is vegan or not without doing your research. 

Try contacting the company directly for more information. If they are vegan, then encourage them to whap a vegan logo on to do us all a favour!

Animal Fats, Oils or waxes


Carmine/ Cochineal/ Carminic Acid





Glycerin/ Glycerol


Lanolin/ Lanolin


Oleic Acid


Stearic Acid


Wool Fat/ Wool Wax   



Try before you buy

Once I know what I am looking for, I always try to find a shop or stockist nearby so that I can feel and try the products first. It may look fab online but it really does come down to trial and error as everyone's skin and style is different. 

Recently, some high street stores have been stocking up on vegan brands, (Superdrug has even opened a vegan pop up shop in Shoreditch!) so this is more possible than you may think.

There are also countless, fantastic, independent beauty brands popping up online and it's important to support these guys. Online only can make it tricky to find your perfect product quickly, but many brands offer samples or trial kits which are a great way of saving money and waste to allow you to test them properly first.

Vegan Haircare



Share your experience!

The more we share and shout about effective vegan products and the new and exciting brands who promote the vegan message, the easier it will be for all of us and new vegans to find them. Wouldn't it be amazing in the future to be able to shop without having to do all of the above?

Use social media to reach others and spread the word. Recommend and review. Don't forget we would love to hear from you too, so pop us an email or comment below.

Happy hunting!