Teaspoon of soil podcast: Veganism and vegan beauty

teaspoon of soil apples

'Did you know there are more microorganisms in a teaspoon full of healthy soil than there are people in the world ?'

I was delighted to chat to Coral, the creator of Teaspoon of Soil,  a new and exciting documentary project that narrates the stories of individuals and organisations using food as a tool for change in the UK and beyond.  

Veganism is at the heart of everything I do here at Beauty-not-cruelty and as with most people, it began by changing my diet to an animal friendly one.  Coral's project aims to investigate the place that food has in our lives and cultures alongside the effects that our food choices have on ourselves, each other and the planet. I believe that veganism is and will become a key factor in the battle against climate change and the challenges that our world will face in the years to come. Although for some it may appear to be a drastic lifestyle change, it is such a simple and effective one that will make a difference to so many human and animal lives. I am proud to talk about my journey and experiences with Coral on the latest episode of the podcast and how it inspired me to start beauty-not-cruelty.   

Teaspoon of soil will discuss other topics such as organic growing, food waste, therapeutic horticulture and community development with the hope that this will restore the connection that we have with our food, our communities and nature. This is documented with beautiful photographs which can be viewed on the website: www.teaspoonofsoil.com The first episode about organic food is especially interesting and it has inspired me to be more aware of where my veggies come from and the importance of supporting our local farmers and their seasonal produce over expensive, imported veggies. 

So grab a cuppa, relax and listen to the interview and please share your experiences with us!